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The Center of Population Studies was approved and established at King Saud University in 2009 by order of the Higher Education Council (HEC) which took into consideration the importance of population studies and their linkage to the population on the one hand and planning, development and the environment on the other.

The center is concerned with population issues related to the Saudi community, and seeks to participate positively in the achievement of the strategic developmental goals of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by initiating and conducting various population studies and by offering consulting services, in addition to supporting academic and training activities as well as scientific research. It also deals with the development and improvement of the competencies of personnel involved in this field in both public and private institutions.

Activities and tasks of the center: 

The center is characterized by being a multi-disciplinary institution in which a variety of departments and specializations partake in the center's activities and events such as geography, social studies, media studies, history, economics, statistics and operation research. Other fields include community medicine, reproductive health, and others.

  The center's goals and tasks may be achieved through the following activities and tasks:

· Implementing academic programs in the field of population studies, and granting degrees to graduates.

· Publishing scientific research and studies in the field of population studies.

· Providing the necessary support to conduct scientific research and studies in the field of population studies.

· Training of technical and specialized personnel and their orientation in the analysis of census data and population surveys by making use of specific software packages and suitable statistical and mathematical programs.

· Training of employees in various ministries, governmental departments and private institutions working in the field of statistics and planning so as to make use of the available statistics, demographic and social data in basic or applied research.

· Organizing training coursesand workshops in the collection, processing and analysis of population data.

· Conducting seminars and conferences on population and developmental issues and the improvement of new methods used in the collection and analysis of data, as well as the use of modern technologies in the field of population studies.

· Organizing feasibility studies and providing consultancy services in the field of population and human resources to government agencies, as well as to the public and private sectors.

· Creating a database of experts working and interested in the field of population and social statistics to be made available to various users.

· Providing technical and consultative assistance to various researchers and postgraduate students interested in conducting population studies.

· Exchanging expertise and experiences with similar centers within the Kingdom or abroad.

· Enriching knowledge and interest in population issues and their direct relationship with developmental issues.

· Contributing to the preparation of various cultural and informational programs to help enlighten Saudi society on population issues and their importance in the developmental process.

· The creation of a complete population database for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.